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All Cars Using 1973 Pontiac 290 HP 455 V8 w/o Ram Air

NHRA Stock HP Factor:   345, 340                   NHRA SS HP Factor:   345, 340

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YearMakeModelBodyWheelbaseShipping WeightStock Weight BreakSS Weight Break
1973FirebirdFirebirdCoupe 2 Dr Formula108"3479 lbs.10.23 *10.23
1973FirebirdFirebirdCoupe 2 Dr Trans Am108"3633 lbs.10.69 *10.69
1973LeMansLeMansCoupe 2 Dr Hdtp 112"3752 lbs.11.04 *11.04
1973LeMansLeMansCoupe 2 Dr Sport112"3794 lbs.11.16 *11.16
1973LeMansGTOCoupe 2 Dr Hdtp 112"3973 lbs.11.69 *11.69
1973PontiacGrand PrixCoupe 2 Dr Hdtp 116"4004 lbs.11.78 *11.78
1973LeMansGrand AmCoupe 2 Dr Hdtp 112"4151 lbs.12.21 *12.21

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